About me

I’m Odysseas Machairas, also know as Ody, also known as Οδυσσέας Μαχαίρας. Here is some stuff about me.

This section is incomplete and hap-hazardly put together in general because it's awkard to write a sort-of resume for like no reason?


Currently I’m in my first year of Computer Science at TUDelft, in the Netherlands.

Hobbies and interests

I really like math and music (and cuddles, but that doesn’t fit here). Most of my time nowadays is spent coding things (see projects) and making music.


I did the spanish Bachillerato and the IB, finishing with a 42/45. In the IB specifically I did Spanish A, English B and Math HL and History, Business Management and Biology SL. I did physics and chemestry in the national system.

All around

I was born in Greece but I’ve lived all over the place. I spent 2 years in Greece, 3 in Belgium, but most of my life I’ve lived in Spain. I moved to the Netherlands when I turned 18 to study Computer Science at TUDelft.

Why “Odilf”?

I came up with the username “Odilf” in primary schoold when creating my Club Penguin account (good times). “Odi” is the start of my name (I actually used to misspell it because it was easier for other people to write and remember Odiseas than Odysseas). The “l” and the “f” stand for Luis and Alfonso, which were my two closest friends at the time.

No, it doesn't have to do with old dudes I'd like to fuck -_-